Their flashbacks show 1st meeting with their that true-love, Drusilla, and just how couples Angel and you may Darla joined her or him

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Their flashbacks show 1st meeting with their that true-love, Drusilla, and just how couples Angel and you may Darla joined her or him

“Fool getting Like” ‘s the seventh episode of the brand new fifth season out-of Buffy the new Vampire Slayer additionally the eighty-5th episode of the new show. Published by Douglas Petrie and led because of the Nick into the WB system.

Synopsis [ ]

ANGEL, DRUSILLA And DARLA HAUNT SPIKE’S Memories – As a way to learn about slayers’ final fights, Buffy forces Spike so you’re able to recount how he was able to eliminate two slayers. [1]

Realization [ ]

When you look at the a regular patrol at cemetery, Buffy battles which have good vampire. Buffy comes with the upper give, but once she effort the lady destroying blow, this new vampire turns the lady stake to for her, and you can this woman is stabbed in the abdomen. She attempts to flee, it is cornered, in addition to vampire, wielding her risk, is about to end their off, but Riley seems at that moment and you may matches him of in advance of going to come across in order to Buffy.

Another morning, Riley patches right up Buffy’s stab wound; brand new embarrassing circumstance from nearly getting killed by the a lowered vamp along with her individual share is not missing on her and you may prospects Buffy to anxiety you to definitely she is dropping the lady border even after Riley’s encouragement. If you are Riley indicates she look at the health, Buffy seems it could just distressed this lady mother, and her improved recuperation efficiency commonly activate with time. Dawn is available in to share with him or her Joyce is originating right up, compelling Riley and Buffy to full cover up the brand new gauze and you will medical offers these people were having fun with. Joyce observes a bottle away from rubbing alcoholic beverages and you may asks when they are disinfecting something, compelling Start to say it try hers. Buffy requires Riley when planning on taking other group so you’re able to brush brand new cemetery one to nights.

Meanwhile, Buffy, rattled once almost becoming murdered despite enhanced their knowledge, does look having Giles to determine exactly how early in the day Slayers died and you can what it is that made the history fights special, but they are not able to get a hold of people helpful suggestions, generally as past Audience often discover the niche too humdrum otherwise was indeed slain making use of their Slayers. Giles notes you to sadly it appears there’s absolutely no that leftover which enjoys observed a Slayer’s history competition, then again Buffy understands she understands an individual who may help. She next confronts Spike in the their crypt. When he need to understand what the guy did, she says to him one to she wants to know how the guy managed so you can eliminate a few Slayers.

Later on, within Tan, she lays off floor laws and regulations: in the event the he informs the woman what she wants to learn, Surge becomes a good wad of money. Although initial resistant against offering the girl things of good use, Spike barters together with her to possess a bowl of hot Buffalo wings, when he refuses to chat to the an empty tummy. When you look at the this, Buffy unknowingly reveals her stab injury, best Spike so you’re able to bother their after that. Asked in the event that he or she is long been which unpleasant, Surge states: “I’ve been bad.”

London, 1880 – One to assertion was belied, however, because of the quiet, shy, instead foppish gentleman Increase was previously – an earlier poet titled William. When you find yourself from the a society baseball, he works on a romance poem, wanting other word having “sparkling,” however, their partial tasks are seized out-of their give and study out loud, on the impolite recreation of boorish group. William try dubbed “William new Soft” due to his “soft awful poetry.” That listener declares that he choose to have a railroad increase by way of their lead than simply listen to a lot more of William’s poetry.

The brand new poem reveals their thoughts out-of like and you may adoration to possess a great woman. The guy speaks into target off their love, Cecily, whom he has got enjoyed of afar. She cannot care for him assuming he admits the newest poem is approximately the woman, she denies him, advising him you to definitely she feels little for him and therefore he are “beneath” this lady. William, devastated, renders our home when you look at the rips, thumping into a group of strangers in the pub. Into the an effective hay barn, he lies ripping right up their love poems, when Drusilla looks just before your. She asks exactly what introduced him so you can rips and you can amenities him by the advising him you to she sees their success and you will really worth. She promises him a better future of the the lady front, siring him after simply restricted persuasion.


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