Selecting the Correct Layout

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When you are organising an event or conference it is important to keep in mind which layout would best suit your conferencing needs and delegates requirements. Whether it is an interview, seminar, screening or presentation there are numerous layouts and configurations that can be used to optimise your event space. Below are the most common standard set ups and a brief description of each.


As the name suggests this formation resembles that of a Theatre or Cinema. This layout focuses the audience on one point which is normally a speaker or screen. The configuration is ideal for large audiences watching presentations or screenings.

U- Shape

Seats are set up in a semi-circle formation. This arrangement allows interaction between the delegates and with the speaker. Normally used for training sessions and presentations it allows all delegates to see and interact with the speaker as well as each other. A moderately sized room will suffice for this set up depending on the amount of attendees.


As the name implies this set up takes on a similar layout to that of classrooms at schools. Suitable for formal working meetings this allows delegates to take notes or use laptops on tables. This formation allows for an efficient use of space as opposed to other layouts.


When a small meeting or interview is required the boardroom set up is a perfect option. Suitable for formal meetings or conducting interviews this allows a small number of people, up to 15 to be sat around a large table. Anymore attendees than this and it is recommended to choose another layout to avoid delegates not hearing each other and shouting across the table. A small room is suitable for this layout allowing for more personal surroundings at a smaller cost.


The formation of this layout allows delegates to be seated at tables. Normally this layout is encouraged when a formal meal is involved during the conference. This provides a social ambiance allowing for conversation and discussion. Using this layout will be more expensive as a larger room will be required.


Similar to the Banquet layout this is suitable for more informal lunches and dinners and normally involves approximately six delegates sitting around smaller tables with a focus on one area where the speaker is situated. This again provides a social ambiance allowing for interaction and discussion and can incur a larger fee due to the larger space required.


This formation allows for seating around tables and usually incorporates a large open space which allows for networking and interaction such as team building or a dance area. Ideal for cocktail parties and networking events this layout requires a larger room.

To conclude it is best to decide what type of event you are hosting, whether you want the delegates to interact as well as taking into account the budget you have for your event. Deciding upon these elements first will help in choosing which layout best suits your conference or event.


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